Stackable chimneys Models 56 / 63 / 71 by Exafan®

18-12-2013 New products

The high density of the current breeding processes requires systems to optimize the air renewal. Chimneys are extraction systems widely used. 

Exafan created a new kind of detachable and stackable chimney  designed to work in air extraction mode or to impulse the air inlet inside the farm by leading it to the areas where it is required thanks to its diffuser. 

Two concepts have been linked in one single product, conic inlet with conic outlet,  whereby, we achieve fitting together an easy assembly process, optimization of the freight cost, plus optimal efficiency and top performance ventilation in one single product. Besides the external cowl and internal diffuser, there is a motor available inside in order to make air circulate, not to mention the butterfly valve outside in order to keep the flow moving. They are sold in three different minimum diameters (56, 63 and 71).

The air inlet guide or perimeter aileron of the ventilation chimney has been designed to make the air inlet easier as to increase and improve the global aerodynamic performance of the ventilation chimney; the intermediate narrowing is designed to take advantage of the Venturi effect and so reduce the energy cost association of the air extraction. Besides, chimneys have been designed to allow inverting the flow if taking the air inside is necessary. Due to the fact of being the elements stackable, we have managed to minimize the volume packed by 7 times, this way, we dramatically reduce the product transportation costs.     

The special constructive features presented by each chimney ventilation part consist of:   

  • · The upper and lower part are  stackable one another.
  • · They are feasily separable and their functional features are not affected by this. 
  • · They allow a reduced volume for its transportation

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