Exafan took part in the seminars held in Soria dealing with Poultry

15-06-2015 Events

The Seminars on Poultry held in Soria gathered more than half a thousand experts on poultry.

From the 9th to the 12th of June, the Merced Convent hosted the event, where several topics were discussed as for example the consequences for the farming sector of the Free Trade Agreement with the USA. 

More than a half thousand specialists in poultry, among them poultry meat producers, egg producers, veterinarians, nutritionists, pathologists and technicians working in the farming industry participated in the Seminars on Poultry organized by the Royal School of Poultry, a centenary and top institution in the scientific dissemination within the farming sector. These seminars were held for the first time in Soria due to the strong tradition of the poultry industry in the Castilla Leon region, where some of the main companies in the Spanish industry are located.

These seminars will include a deep analysis of the potential threat implied by the Free Trade Agreement the EU is negotiating with third countries. Professor Carlos Buxadé, will present his vision of how it will affect the meat and egg Spanish Industry. According to a recent study, it is calculated that around 4.100 jobs in Spain and 37.300 in Europe will be lost in the egg industry, whereas, 3.500 in Spain and 30.200 in Europe regarding the meat production industry. 

Other blocks to be included in the program of interest for the farmer are focused on the measures related with potential power saving in the farm. Veterinarians, pathologists and staff of the processing industry will also enjoy top seminars in order to update their knowledge on the use reduction of antibiotics for the nutrition of poultry, there will be time to discuss as well about the kind of farms that will continue working in Spain, and the criteria required for McDonald´s suppliers of poultry to comply with in terms of quality, the growing market of ecologic production, exports of eggs, tools to manage a farm in an intelligent way thanks to Internet, etc.