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EXAFAN products, always at the avant–garde within our sector.

Poultry feeders

Auger feeder “Leo”

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The auger feeder Leo for meat chicken with centralized adjustment of the feeding level represents an absolute novelty in the field of farm poultry.


  • Capacity: of 350 up to 700 Kg / h.
  • Pan dimension: diameter 33 cm. Height 7,50 or 6,3 cm.
  • Tube diameter: 45 mm.
  • Amount of animals: 50 / 80 broilers


  • Minimum loss of feed.
  • Lower use of manpower.
  • Improvement of the hygienic conditions for the poultry.
  • The auger feeder “Leo” reduces the manpower required: the pan height must be regulated according to the chick age, this height is regulated automatically in all the pans simultaneous according to the animal age, this way, and it reduces the manual regulation in each pan.
  • The feeder “Leo” reduces the feed waste at its minimum level.

The auger feeder “Leo” achieves its goal of feeding chicks from the first day without using other feeding sources.

Thanks to the pan height of only 7,5 cm, the one day old chick is capable of feeding itself of its own will.

The analysed design of the auger feeder “Leo” prevents the chick from getting inside the pan.

Auger feeder “Lyra”

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  • Manipulation and maintenance of the feeding and drinking systems (PDF)

The auger feeder “Lyra” is a multi – use feeder with a design guaranteeing an excellent performance for broilers, turkeys, ducks, layers, etc…


  • Outer tubes: 45 mm. 
  • Range: from 350 up to 700 kg / ha depending on the version.
  • Diameter: 33 cm.
  • Height: 7,5 cm or 6,3 cm.


  • Optimisation and saving of the quantity of feed.
  • Growth speed during the first period.
  • Cleaning and hygiene.
  • Easy regulation of the feed drop, it depends on its kind, thanks to its three regulation points.
  • Thanks to its easy dismantling, the task of cleaning is easier, which allows an excellent health and hygienic level for the animals.
  • The auger feeder “Lyra” reduces the feed waste at its minimum level The 4 mm. round projections avoid the leak of feed.

Changing the kind of animal, race or length of the courses is not a problem any more with the auger feeder “Lyra”. 

A collar assembled on the plate outer edge is available for the 55 / 60 day turkeys and 40 / 45 day ducks

Auger feeder “Superpito”

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The auger feeder “Superpito” is designed to accompany the turkey growth since the first day. 

It has two interchangeable pans conceived for the different stages of the breeding period. 


  • Capacity: 70 kg.
  • Pan diameter: 35.4 cm.
  • Pan height: 7.2 cm.
  • Amount of animals: 55 / 65 turkeys.
  • Tube diameter: 45 mm.


  • Feed minimum loss
  • Lower use of manpower
  • Easy replacement of the pans

Auger feeder “Atos”

Associated documents

  • Manipulation and maintenance of the feeding and drinking systems

Auger feeder “Atos”: feed distribution system for cockerels.

Cockerels are particularly aggressive and vigorous, rationing the feed available makes them get nervous, therefore the ideal feeder is the one being robust and having a wide area for the cockerel access.  


  • Capacity 70 kg.
  • Pan diameter: 33 cm.
  • Pan height 7,5 cm.
  • Amount of animals: 10 / 12 cockerels. 
  • Tube diameter: 45 mm.


  • Specific for the separate feeding of cockerels.
  • Extremely robust.
  • Wide access.

Air Feeder

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Feeding system for fowls with distribution on the floor in a raining way.

Broilers,Turkeys, ducks, quails, partridges.



  • Differential scales. Maximum weight 250 kg.
  • Waiting hopper: Standard capacity: 300 litres. Dimension: 160 x 60 x 113
  • Multi-rotor: Equipment with a 0.5 HP three – phase motor. Motor speed at 1.400 r.p.m.


  • Larger amount of fowls per square meter.
  • Important reduction of manpower.
  • Lower consumption of feed.
  • More uniform flock. 
  • Uniform portions.
  • It does not destroy the granulated feed.
  • Uniform distribution on the entire shaken surface.


Auger feeder “Vega”

Associated documents

  • Manipulation and maintenance of the feeding and drinking systems

The width and height may be regulated easily with an easy operation.

The pan has been designed so as to divide the animals around it.

The feed level may be adjusted at three different levels, one operation that may be carried out any time during the cycle.

Breeders, turkeys, ducks, quails, partridges.


  • Amount of animals: 16 fowls.
  • Tube: 40 mm.


  • Minimum loss of feed.
  • Three different levels available.
  • Adjustable width to the holes (min 40 mm – 55 mm as maximum).
  • Adjustable height to the holes (min 50 mm – 75 mm as maximum).
  • The shape of the side openings allows its easy access.