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EXAFAN products, always at the avant–garde within our sector.

Laying hens housisng


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AVIO is an automatic nest for commercial breeders and laying hens.

The care and attention paid to the design and construction of the AVIO contributes to a comfortable environment where the hens lay their eggs. The nest not only does not damage the eggs but keep them clean and safe. This automatic collecting system has two main advantages: less work required and fewer broken eggs. The AVIO nest versatility enables placing them back to back along the farm length. Whenever necessary, we may have some free room between the nests for the birds to freely move around.


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The GEMINI is an aviary used to breed growing birds. It has been designed to train the future laying hens to be placed in the aviary. Only the growing birds bred in aviaries will behave conveniently as laying hens in an aviary. Higher bird density and easy to manage. 

  • Feeders 
  • Adjustable drinkers 
  • Belts to remove the poultry manure 
  • Grids 
  • Lighting channel 
  • Perch

                                               GEMINI                                                                                                    GEMINI-D


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The LIBRA makes possible breed more hens per farm square meter than a floor breeding system. Hens can move freely inside the building according to the standards of the stratified cages. 

  • Breeders
  • Adjustable drinkers
  • Belts to remove the poultry manure
  • Nests
  • Lighting tubes
  • Perch
  • Balconies (optional)

                                                                                   LIBRA                                                                                                                       LIBRA-D


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GEMMA is the new aviary for laying hens.

It enables keeping more than 20 animals per square meter inside the building. The main feature of this aviary is a wooden nest located in the middle of the rows. The eggs collecting belt is located inside the nests in order to guarantee a high quality egg. The position of the perches enables the animals to move freely around the farm.