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EXAFAN products, always at the avant–garde within our sector.


Rationed feeding dispensers

Buoy dispenser of 6 litres

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Buoy dispenser of 6 litres

  • Unique on the market with a retractile and disengaged buoy.
  • Regulation to be activated with one´s hand.
  • Robust
  • Possibility to choose from two types of fodder.
  • Easy and precise regulation.
  • Perfect inside visibility. 
  • Portable pincer of files

The buoy dispenser of 6 and 10 liters is made of one single piece, which confers a higher robustness degree.

More adjustment to the central cone, this practically guarantees that the animal does not obtain any extra fodder when insistently hitting on the unloading tube of the dispenser. 

The analyzed shape of the buoy makes the movement of the fodder during the opening process with a minimal friction; this does not force the opening system so much and enables automating a higher number of dispensers with the same system. 

Ref Sust Type Limit switch
XPG-DOB-SLO1 75010 Gestation ----
XPG-DOB-SLO2 75020 Gestation
XPG-DOB-SLO5 75030 Farrowing ----
XPG-DOB-SLO6 75040 Farrowing




Volumetric dispenser of 6-7 liters. Removable

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Volumetric dispenser of 6-7 liters. Removable

  • Complementary Guide to immobilize the brides
  • Specially designed for the on – sight assembly process, its analyzed design allows an easy, quick and safe clipping process. 
  • Injected in state – of – the art technical material, which practically makes it unbreakable and resistant against temperature changes, ideal for extreme weather.
  • Control of the fodder presence. Push to close the fodder intake and pull to open it. The closing device has a blocking system in order to avoid the piece to come out of it.
  • Large cleaning lid
  • Guiding system of the bidirectional unloading rope of the dispenser. From a hole
Ref Subst Type Limit swich
XPG-DOB-SL20 75100 50 - 60 mm From a hole ----
XPG-DOB-SL21 75110 50 - 60 mm
XPG-DOB-SL22 75120 75 - 90 mm From a hole ----
XPG-DOB-SL23 75130 75 - 90 mm