Reforms in farms made by Exafan

18-12-2013 Reforms

At Exafan we are specialists in the construction of poultry buildings, we firmly believe in the sector of farm building reforms at this department, that is to say,implementation rehabilitation and reforms of farm buildings. We get in charge of the whole process, from design until the final execution, as well as the distribution and division of the room not to mention the required facilities (electricity, lightning, climate control, internal housing equipment, water and gas supply.) 

Exafan carried out an integral farm reform in the Benasque Valley, in the province of Huesca (Spain), whose owners´ main occupation was the rearing of breeders and decided to change to the rearing of poultry, an intention needing to completely arrange the internal housing equipment. To do so, they relied on Exafan thanks to the good experience they kept about the company in the past, on top of other farmers´ positive opinions located in the same region. A ventilation system was implemented consisting of extraction fans and trapdoors on both sides, which opened according to the air inlet demand, including a nebulizer cooling system with a line of high pressure nozzles; a new heating system with GEOSS; heaters, some feeders and the climate control system through the SCA, climate controller, capable of even managing the minimum detail: temperature curve relative humidity; thermal sensation, water consumption of the drinkers, etc…. Likewise, this computer system allows implementing a remote control and change mechanism of the parameters by means of an internet access device.