The largest facilities in Spain to fatten broilers

18-12-2013 Comunications

In the county of Puebla de Valverde – Teruel, we have a poultry complex belonging to Teodoro Collado, owner of the poultry farm “Montes de Palancia”. This village of hardly 500 inhabitants has the largest fattening poultry project of broilers ever built in Spain.  

This project was carried out by EXAFAN, it consists of the construction of an intensive breeding cores of broilers including 17 buildings grouped in three productive cores being capable of including up to half a million birds, as well as the construction of three polyvalent buildings, one building for office premises, changing rooms and one processing building of manure. 

A so ambitious project had not been possible without the back – up of a company with a long experience in the construction of turnkey farm projects, and the required technology to develop the most modern climate control systems as well as the highest standard internal housing equipment, designed and customized according to the client´s requirements and always in search for the animal highest comfort. This core of 17 buildings has all the systems necessary to breed such a quantity of animals, making the management of the facilities much easier while looking for the producer´s highest level of profits. 

Closed buildings have a cross section ventilation system including some cooling panels on one wall and some other exhaust fans on the other one. With the purpose of saving a lot of power while optimizing the climate control management and achieving some dry beds, we installed some heat exchangers. All of it can be only controlled by a top computer. The SCA de EXAFAN meticulously controls the parameters of all the buildings, and allows the producer and integrating company to maximize the performance of the breeding process. 

The farm also has three polyvalent buildings, some office premises, changing rooms and one processing building of manure. 

These reference facilities comply with the current European legislation on  animal welfare, as well as the regulation requirements on bio-safety,so important concerning similar so big facilities. Exafan has equipped this project with state – of – the – art materials and equipment guaranteeing the exclusive top performance this company has enjoyed for a very long time 

The Project was awarded to the Exafan company after competing against the most important international suppliers coming from France and Germany. This was possible thanks to the presentation of the most complete, profitable and advanced technologies possible. 

Whereby, Exafan consolidates its leadership position in the national market, being a manufacturer of almost all the elements included in a farm. We would like to point out this fact, as the remaining competitors, depend on third party suppliers, which prevent them from being competitive in relationship with all the products belonging to the turnkey farms.