Reform of pig farms S.A.T Diaz de Cerio

18-12-2013 Reforms

In the municipalities of Viana and Sesma, EXAFAN implemented an important reform and enlargement project of several pig farms.In Viana, EXAFAN reformed and enlarged a building for sows and in Sesma, the reconstruction of two buildings for pre – fattening along with five buildings for fattening pigs. 

Both projects exactly comply with the European regulation on animal welfare as well as the demanding one on bio - safety, so important for so large facilities, Exafan provided their respective facilities with state- of – the – art technology while guaranteeing a top management profile, a feature that has always characterized the EXAFAN Corporation.   

The producer´s main decision at the time of choosing EXAFAN as a supplier in order to carry out such an important project was obviously the sense of reliability on a company widely reputed within the sector, a company offering the most complete and technologically advanced solutions in the market.

EXAFAN thanks to these kinds of projects, has positioned itself as a leader in the domestic market. The fact of being manufacturer with no dependence on third parties and other trademarks makes EXAFAN a very competitive company for the Spanish farmer. It can manufacture and assume responsibilities for the delivery and quality of all the components of the farm.