Accessibility is important

18-12-2013 Comunications

The buildings used for intensive breeding are increasingly larger and therefore include more animals. An adequate management policy of the climate control parameters is basic for the results to be optimum: good conversion rates and growth speed, no concern about pathological incidents or anguishing power consumption invoices. 

The management of the climate control parameters of the building is not an easy process. Therefore, a climate controller that offers reliability, power, and finally easy management and interpretation of the data, is required.

Thanks to the climate controller, the farmer may work with the employees in the farm, as well as being a reference point for visitors and veterinaries of the integrating complex. In an ideal world, all the people involved in the business should perfectly know the system computer architecture and the best strategies to handle the fine system regulation. . However, the difficulty in managing many high range computers,makes that very few people really interprets all the information and act consequently, this has a direct effect on the breeding of poultry and therefore, on the farmer´s financial situation. 

However not all the climate controllers on the market are equal in terms of power and certainly in terms of the data interpretation shown. Thanks to its design, the range of EXAFAN computers allows the farmer to interpret, understand and therefore decide in a very intuitive and easy way. 

Likewise, the fact for farmers to replace their own computers with other high range EXAFAN ones has become more and more frequent. This has happened many times because of their visitors, who are basically the ones in charge of controlling them. Farmers are then required to carry out a “renovation” plan regarding their climate controllers due to the difficulty of managing these.

With a clear vision focused on successful investments, we cannot obviate the climate controller easy accessibility. 

Nowadays, there are few companies offering climate controllers capable of carrying out an adequate climate control process in industrial farms including an important quantity of animals. Therefore, more and more farmers are renovating and replacing their climate controllers with EXAFAN climate management controllers.