Farm Fincas Liso, in Loarre

18-12-2013 Publireportajes

Fernando y Valentín Romeo Usieto, are two brothers and owners of the Liso CB, a company ten years old whose activity is the breeding of poultry for the Farming Guissona Cooperative where they are integrated, they have just enlarged their facilities during the year 2013, by increasing its capacity up to 100.000 animals. 

Their beginnings started in the year 2004, when a farm belonging to a family member located in that municipality stopped its activity after several years of operation. These facilities had a capacity for 38.00 chicks, something usual at that particular time, but according to the ongoing current economic situation, they decided to enlarge these mentioned facilities in order to remain with the business and the required economic profitability for the two families to keep going.

They relied on  EXAFAN and decided to make a design on the basis of two buildings 120 m long and 20 m wide with a side height of 2,65 m, the ventilation chosen was  the tunnel type system, with the corresponding exhaust fans on one end of the building and the air inlets with cooling pads on the other end.