Interview with Manuel Samitier

18-12-2013 Interviews

Manuel Samitier Angusto, is a professional poultry breeder living in Graus, whose business is rather unusual for those involved in the poultry professional business. The future heavy breeders of the integrating complexes of the chicken meat industry pass through his hands. His work consists of rebreeding the breeders of around up to 150 days old. At this age, they are transferred to the rebreeding farm - integrated in the SADA Group Group - It develops its activity in a charming and calm municipality of the Graus zone including hardly 3700 inhabitants. A village awarded with the title “Very Noble and Old Village” since the beginning of the XIII century, located in the northern part of the province of Huesca. 

It´s been some years since you are involved in this industry. When and how did you begin in the world of poultry? 

When I finished the military service, close to 20 years ago, and returned home, I was offered to keep the farm supposed to stop its activity. At that time, I had no job and since I had previously worked there by means of temporary jobs, jobs nobody wants to do now such as manure handling, etc..It was a farm that I deeply knew. I loved my work and was willing to sacrifice and make money with it, I decided to purchase it. 

How was the farm originally?

It was a building with capacity for 16.000 hens and 2.000 roosters, when I bought it, its activity was already focused on the rebreeding of hens and roosters. Therefore, since the very beginning, I continued with the same activity as it had been done by the former owners for years.