New series of climate controllers

19-12-2013 New products

EXAFAN, leading trade mark regarding farming facilities in Spain, presented  the new series of climate controllers  " touch and control " on the market, where the very well known potential of its climate controllers along with its very unusual easy management operation of its systems is combined.  

It is often necessary to have some experience in climate controllers in order to be able to know the current working status of the climate control system and be able to access the required data so as to check its effectiveness, as well as how to know where these correction options are. In the face of the inherent difficulty, very often the rectifications are done when the visiting technicians actually go to the facilities for a visit.  

On the other hand, the new climate control system includes a very intuitive touch screen allowing to access all the parameters generated by the facilities and perfectly classified in a very easily interpretable and visual way, it allows taking decisions immediately due to the knowledge of all the records in a significantly easy and very efficient way. Since we know what happens under similar conditions, we may prevent potential problems with the corresponding climate control changes by creating a synergy between the climate controller and the farmer and so take the appropriate decisions, it becomes not only a climate controller, but also a vital and necessary working tool.      

The very easy way the touch screen shows the records stored, simplify the time required to watch the operation of the buildings, since on top of that, we are talking of totally configurable systems to each farm requirements, so, we quickly access the farm most relevant information.  

Another advantage of this system, is the possibility of operating in a network  with only one single central computer for all the buildings, this increases the situation control efficiency at one single quick glance. This even allows by means of remote control system as a tablet or an Ipad, to also work as a control tool, we may watch very calm what´s going on there from our home, and if necessary, modify the parameters with no need to actually visit the farm. Especially useful regarding emergency alerts at midnight, since we may appreciate the problem and correct it by simply connecting to the network.