Focus on good lightening

19-12-2013 New products

The optimization of the results concerning the poultry breeding process depends on the fine lightening control. That is why  EXAFAN is focused on closed buildings, monochromatic lightening systems and LED low consumption lightening systems. 

At Exafan, we are engaged in making the farmer´s work easier. In this sense, closed buildings contribute with an easy management system regarding the lightening programs, since these allow disassociating the building program from the sun cycle outside.  

The same way, Exafan is focused on the advantages of the monochromatic lightening system (green and blue) because of its beneficial effects on the animal behavior. It´s been scientifically shown that with appropriate light, animals eat more as well as feel more calm, therefore, they fatten before and with less feed, which guarantees some very optimal productive results.

Exafan also acknowledges the importance for the farmer of saving in terms of power consumption; therefore, we recommend the use of LED systems (low consumption rate) in the face of the traditional fluorescent lightening. After the feed and heating consumption variables, the electric issue is the main cost of any farm. Given the current increasing costs and adjusted prices, we recommend reducing all the expenses without actually damaging the financial balance.     

Within the frame of a policy providing with solutions in terms of climate control, Exafan also includes some very state – of – the – art solutions in terms of lightening systems, besides the classical ventilation and cooling systems.