All terrain Feeder EOS®

19-12-2013 New products

EOS® is an innovating concept offeeder designed for all kinds of fowl  to be adapted to the requirements of the animals along their life cycle. The original design of this feeder is based on the bell, capable of reducing the open surface of the pan and this way, to prevent the fowls from accessing inside the feeder. Thanks to this system, the feed always remains clean with no risk of pollution, it also avoids any possible entrapment in the feeders on behalf of the animals. 

The manipulation of the feeder is very simple , by placing it almost touching the floor during the first days, we make the access for the fowls easier, the animals grow and stand up from the floor while we gradually increase the dose and access room. The dose is simply regulated by turning the pan according to how the chicks are growing, this guarantees their adequate access. The cleaning and dismantling processes are very simple and we make sure the maximum hygiene is guaranteed. 


On top of avoiding the feed to get polluted, it also minimizes the risk of wasting the feed with the subsequent economic savings  in terms of the alimentary cost, very important nowadays where the raw materials concept plays a significant role.