Exafan, when quality is exported

19-12-2013 Comunications

The Aragonese company EXAFAN, located in San Mateo de Gallego, is a eading supplier of farming services and equipment  with more than 10.000 clients spread over 76 countries. 

During its 26 years of existence, EXAFAN has managed to become a world reference in the farming industry actually having achieved the record of 50% of its turnover to be destined to exports, emerging countries in Latin – America, Middle East and Maghreb, as well as countries with an important growing farming industry and increasingly higher market share such as Russia.   

The purpose is creating optimal facilities, either in terms of the internal housing equipment, as for the business management model while combining the climate control, automatic feeding and data management systems, all of it with the absolute certainty that 95% of the products traded by the EXAFAN Corporation are designed and manufactured by the company itself, these have been key variables for the solid international development  experienced since its very beginning. 


With a wide network of distributors worldwide, EXAFAN progressively continues to widen its presence abroad, paying attention to the Asian and Latin – American markets without forgetting the European and Africans ones.