Exafan, by the hand of Procavi, will equip several cores to breed turkeys in Russia.

19-12-2013 News from the sector

EXAFAN, specialist in solutions for farming facilities, has been chosen by the  Cherkizovo Group  in order to materialize the 237.00 m2 facilities aimed at producing turkeys in the region of Tambov, Russia. 

The Cherkizovo Group decided to rely on the  PROCAVI, lexperience, national leader in the production of turkeys, in order to build a macro complex of 9 cores for fattening pigs and 4 for rebreeding of turkeys. In this joint venture, the Andalusian company provides with the know - how and the Russian partner copies its productive structure given the successful results.  

That is why; they relied on the EXAFAN experience regarding the materialization of the facilities. 

Each one of the 9 cores for fattening pigs will include 8 buildings for fattening males and 5 for females, all of them equipped with a a combi – tunnel ventilation system. Whereas the 4 cores for rebreeding will include several cross section ventilations systems.  

Founded in the year 1987, EXAFAN is a company focused on delivering solutions for farming facilities operating at a global scale. Leader in the domestic market, it carries out turnkey projects for pig and poultry farms as well as climate control systems.