Interview to the Romeo Brothers.

19-12-2013 Interviews

Fernando y Valentín Romeo Usieto are brothers and owners of the Lizo CB, a poultry farm located in the municipality of Loarre, reputed village of the Pyrenees Mountains in Huesca because of its well preserved and spectacular castle, scenario of several films,  among them, the macro film production “The Kingdom of Heaven”.   

When did you start with breeding poultry?

It all began in the year 2004, when a family member decided to close his farm activity located in the municipality of Loarre after many years operating. It was the typical poultry farm with a capacity for 38.000 animals. Since then, we have been breeding poultry for the Guissona Farming Cooperative wherein we are integrated.     

You have just finished enlarging the facilities….

Yes, it is so. This year 2013, we have enlarged the capacity of the facilities for up to 100.000 fowls.