When many depend on one

19-12-2013 Publireportajes

Manuel Samitier increased its farm with three buildings, two for rebreeding of chicks and one for the rebreeding of roosters.       

Regarding the hens and rosters getting inside the farm for breeders in order to lay the hatchable eggs. Where do they come from?  

This is the essential and very significant function that farmers as Manuel Samitier Angusto carry out with an astonishing dedication, responsibility and professionalism. Since the beginning, we may observe how they understand how important it is the work well done. They know they are a pillar from who many people depend on, they live with passion, and in this case within the  SADA Organization, wherein they are integrated. 

Manuel Samitier lives in Graus, a charming and calm municipality of hardly 3.700 inhabitants it was awarded the title of “Very noble and Old Village” since the beginning of the XIII century, it is located on the northern part of the province of Huesca. When he finished his military service, around 20 years ago, when he returned home, he was offered to keep going the farm supposed to get its operations stopped.

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