Exafan´s great success in the Agrofarm Exhibition held in Ukraine in the year 2014.

16-04-2014 Events

AgroFarm 2014 is held in Moscow between the 11th and the 13th of February; EXAFAN  thanks to its permanent compromise to meet the requirements of its customers, successfully promoted its new products in the exhibition. 
AgroFarm 2014 is an international world-renowned exhibition of Farming and Animal management. This year, it took place in the All-Russian Exhibition Center located in Moscow (Russia), three days of exhibitions, conferences, awards, and meetings among professionals of the farming and animal breeding fields. The exhibition has become a meeting point for farmers, professionals and firms specialized in the farming world.     
This international exhibition continues to grow and this year included the presence of 370 exhibitors from 29 countries and the program of more than 50 professional events. Visitors of all kinds attended the event, investors, managers and experts coming from various farming facilities, independent farmers, agents, banking, financial entities, insurance companies and leasing societies, as well as experts within the research domain, not to mention some experts belonging to the press media. Among the present companies, EXAFAN with its own stand was one of the exhibition most visited booths.   This International Farming and Animal Breeding Exhibition in Russia offered several solutions to the farming sector: new technologies, equipment and a wide range of products for all the sectors including porcine, poultry, bovine, and rabbit breeding, etc. The number of exhibitions increased some 12% in comparison with the year 2013, this was one of the reasons to open an additional hall; an additional sign of the exhibition good health. Several conferences were held showing different modern breeding techniques in order to increase the livestock productivity. Russian experts participated in seminars and workshops, where many topics were dealt. 

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