Replacing its farming computer, more than a profitable change.

16-04-2014 Comunications

The replacement of the farm computer has to be something meditated and well studied, replacing a computer for another one making things even more complicated is worthless, therefore, it is easy to understand the phenomenon irruption of replacing the farm computers in favor of the renowned EXAFAN SCA due to its easy management and high quality. 

Replacing a computer with another one making things more complicated is worthless, the renowned EXAFAN SCA is easy to manage and high quality. 

We all know that a control computer we are not capable of regulating, controlling and understanding its fundamental parameters is worthless

Let´s obviate the very complex equipment, the ones we deal with for many months until we say “Eureka” as once said Archimedes, immersed by sweat more than water….Unfortunately, in most cases, we don’t come up to this revelation, but instead we have to refer to the “installer or manufacturer call joker” to make things clear about our equipment operation. We know that the statement “I leave it ready but don´t touch it” is useless, since it is essential to be able to interact with our equipment.

Data are increasingly stored in the building and so the way to analyze and regulate them. To do so, it is required to make sure that the operation is easy to understand and manage, so that we won´t face constant problems with our computer, which can and must be our ally.

Today, as the famous statement says “in this world, change is the only constant variable”, we increasingly observe in the sector how old computers are being replaced by ones with lower quality, the ones difficult to manage and with a very complicated interface are replaced by others with high quality, easy to manage and excellent performance as the EXAFAN SCA

More and more, the EXAFAN SCA is chosen due to its easy management format and comprehension. 

Besides, the product is guaranteed by a great and much compromised company to its clients, a company that will solve any problem you may have regarding your firm´s development the best way possible. The EXAFAN SCA is a very versatile option given the exhaustively diverse way the information is managed. Thanks to this equipment, we may trace the origin of a problem or modulate any variable we wish in detail. On top of it, its interface based on Windows XP, is presented to the user in a format of detailed menus. It allows controlling the ventilation, lightning, heating, heating exchangers, fogging systems, as well as the water and fodder consumptions rates. The management software works with curves in order to better adequate to the real conditions and so allow a detailed follow – up and regulation. It also has three access security levels, on top of the required alarms in case the equipment or the probe measurement fails. Its touch – screen including USB ports allows some telecommunication management.    

The farm computer is easy to change, when the option is the EXAFAN SCA

On the other side, it also provides with the possibility of doubling the management capacity as the baseboard admits up to two connection boards. It allows analogical and digital controlling of a wide diversity of machines. It has a large amount of probes analyzing any kind of parameter (temperature, humidity, pressure, scales, CO2, ammoniac, etc..). Changing the farm computer is easy, when the option is the EXAFAN SCA; it is a very prestigious product thanks to its quality and efficient post – sales service

Once made the replacement, the previous computer level is compromised, since you could never interpret it given its great complexity, mainly when we compare the levels reached by the new computer. 

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