Food efficiency and reduction of the environmental impact, both integrated in one innovating technology for the pig industry.

08-01-2015 New products


Exafan and the University of Lérida (Udl) have come to an agreement, whereby the company will trade a robotized precision feeding and intelligent management system for pig farms patented by the university located in this city.


Exafan´s general director, Mr. Juan Pascual, and Udl´s President, Mr. Roberto Fernández, signed a technology license  agreement this last Thursday on the 11th of December, which will enable the robot, already 30 prototypes manufactured for experimental farms and research, to be available in the domestic and international market in the middle of next year.

In countries such as Canada, France or the UK, there has been a strong interest in this robotized system destined to be an essential element for the farms in the future.

The Udl had been researching in this robot for ten years, allows feeding each animal individually in an automatic way according to its requirements and performance, therefore, it avoids the excessive consumption of proteins. This implies, on one side, to decrease the feeding cost, and on the other, to reduce the production of polluting waste. On top of it, it is capable of measuring certain biological and performance parameters, as for example, growth development, food efficiency and health situation, since it can detect those animals being sick and consequently apply some customized treatments.

We have calculated a protein and phosphorous consumption reduction of between 20% and 32% and of between 25% and 40% of nitrogen and phosphorous from the manure, with a saving of between 4 and 7 euro per fattening pig, depending on the raw material price. The system is based on three functional elements: robotized feeding units, a digital communication network system as well as a central control and management software system.


It is enough to take a look at the countless number of media companies having published the news in order to become aware of its relevance.

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