Covid-19 Official Statement

20-03-2020 Comunications

Dear customers and distributors:

First of all, we hope in these difficult times, you are all doing well. We want to convey our support and best wishes in the face of the health crisis caused by COVID-19,.

Secondly, EXAFAN wants to let you know that we will keep working to continue operations at full production, always complying with the hygiene and precautionary measures established by the experts.

We know the importance of your business and that your work will not stop guaranteeing the food supply.

We will therefore continue to work so that the overall impact is minimal and customer service is kept, guaranteeing production and maintenance of your farms.

We would like to also remind you that our continued provision of 24hr technical assistance is constantly available through the following channels:

Telephone: (+34) 629 385 878


Our kind encouragement,