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Free range boxes

The box “Liberty” is a kind of free access box according to the new regulation of pig housing also according to the European directives and legislation on animal well-fare.

Free access box

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It allows the management in groups of animals in an individual way by means of the closing option in an individual or collective way.

  • 1ª quality materials.
  • Highly resistant and reliable product.
  • Fluent movements.
  • Different options and functionalities.
  • Front side adaptable to the feeding tube and different feeders.
  • “Double” rear gate in order to make access and manipulation easier.
  • Finishing in tube 40 x 40 allowing the inclusion of dividers and modularity.
  • Possibility to lock in an individual or group way. 
Ref Subst Description
XPG-BOX-FREE-002 81500 Complete box for the free access system, “Lib-002”. Galvanized. Adapted to a buried feeder
XPG-BOX-FREE-001 81600 Complete box for a free Access system “Lib-002”. Galvanized. Adapted to a feeder made of stainless steel