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Pressure differential meter

Differential pressure meters

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The differential pressure meters help to better control the farm resources when providing a reading if the air inlet speed within the building is the correct one. 

The DP is a differential pressure meter that by means of obtaining a reading from outside the building may deduct the differential pressure caused by the ventilation inside the facilities. Once the information obtained, the DP gives a signal of 0/10Vcc or a signal of 0/5Vcc for the ventilation control equipment to determine the opportune corrections in order to get the best working conditions possible.

  • Configurable pressure range. For an optimum adaptation to the pressure applied, the transmitter may be commuted among various pressure ranges. 
  • Configurable response time. The response time of the outlet signal may be set up by means of a jumper. 
  • Easy calibration compensation. Any zero point derivation may be compensated automatically at regular intervals. We don´t need to re – calibrate, this reduces the monitoring and maintenance effort. 
  • Measure method. Transducer of resistant piece pressure. 
  • Assembly position. We may assemble on any position. The transducer of self – compensated resistant piece pressure eliminates any possible assembly error.


  Compact equipment and easy to handle
TECHNIQUES Differential pressure measure between inside and outside the building
Effective measure range from 0 to 50 Pacal
Outlet possibility with 0/10v or 0/5v
Supply at 230 Vca, 50/60 Hz