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Fedding station for gestating sows

Individual feeding stations for animals with an identification device.

Selection systems for the fattening pigs

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Sorting Systems (sorting)

Automatic selection of the animals for the slaughterhouse on the basis of their weight and gender. 

The selection and transfer of your fattening pigs to be delivered to the slaughterhouse is a precise and hard work. The selection system for the fattening pigs offers an important saving of time and work since it selects the animals automatically without our engagement. The system classifies the animals within the groups according to their weight and gender. At the time of their selection on the basis of some very precise data, the selection system for the fattening pigs enables supplying more animals to the slaughterhouse within the limits required in terms of weight. The result: fewer discounts because of a lack of weight and more performance of your animals.    


  1. Entrance gate
  2. Weighing module
  3. Feeding / supply selection exit.
  4. Section exit to separate / feed / deliver.
  5. Standard exit / only section exit of the feeding station.
  6. Selection gate
  7. Exit gate 3x
  8. Control unit
  9. Weighing computer
  10. Return gate
  11. Marked with spray
  12. Pneumatic cylinder


Always having the correct data available is an enormous advantage. If all the chain partners have the correct data, this means a great step forward. The cooperation of the parts involved as farmers, fodder suppliers, veterinarians and slaughterhouses, enable managing the animal growing period and results at the highest level possible. Pigs are no longer anonymous animals. Each animal may be tracked; therefore we identify potential problems or some genetic advantages. We may adjust the feeding composition in a precise way. Veterinarians have the animal current health status data and can use such information very efficiently. Slaughterhouses know exactly when the animals reach the appropriate weight for their later sacrifice and treatment. The selection system for fattening pigs enables to access precise information regarding each animal as well as share the correct information. 

Sistemas de selección de cerdos de engorde from EXAFAN S.A. on Vimeo.