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Feeding in the farrowing stage

You may control the corporal health of the sows during all the rearing stages, (insemination, gestation, farrowing)


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Adapted feeding

Thanks to this kind of system, our animals always receive the required nutritional elements guaranteeing enough and high quality production of milk, a good beginning for the following cycle, and a litter of many vital  piglets

Based on its physical individual features, as weaning, number of litters, number of piglets and  / or birth date.


By means of the individual fodder dispenser, we daily supply fodder to the sow according to the most convenient feeding strategy.  


Dosing the fodder available on the basis of the individual animal requirements means a great step forward towards an optimal situation and top performance. The farrowing feeding system goes one step ahead by offering the daily feeding dose in several portions.  

The birth stage implies a great physical effort for the sow. it is required to motivate the sow little after the birth so that it will get up and eats small quantities of fodder, this will help for its recover. This improves the sow vitality and decreases the piglet risk to die. 

Farrowng feeding

  1. The farrowing pen is equipped with an electronic feeding dispenser, connected to the control system.
  2. By means of the PC data entry display of the PC or the V-Scan, we register what sow is in which farrowing pen.
  3. Let´s register the birth date, the number of piglets, and determine the feeding curve. On the basis of this feeding curve, we shall determine the quantity of fodder, number of portions and feeding time.
  4. Thanks to the manual beginning option, it is still possible to control in a customised way during the feeding process. 

Mating room

In the mating room, it is also important to correctly dose the fodder available since it allows its nice recovery after the weaning period.

A positive power equilibrium inside the mating room has a positive effect on the sow fertility during the next mating process.  

  • V-Scan

By means of the ear electronic mark scanning by using the V-scan, it is possible to register the individual data regarding each animal.