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Testing unit

Testing unit

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Thanks to the performance test of the sows, the farmer will be able to check which combination of the male – female animal produces the most efficient pigs in terms of fodder, an essential tool in order to be able to keep on meeting the growing demand. These systems save the main factor information of the pig sector: the growth and ingestion of fodder. It is very common to use a previously chosen  combination of male – female animal. The individual weight and ingestion of fodder are registered every time the animal visits the station, on the basis of the animal individual electronic identification; the animal individual weight and fodder ingestion remain registered for each visit. The pig performance test precisely identifies the existing differences in terms of growth and ingestion of fodder among the animals. The pig performance test shows which animals present the highest performance indicator; this enables us to continuously optimize the genetic factors in a simple and exact way. 

The system

The pig performance testing system has a capacity for a maximum of 15 pigs to eat in an unlimited way.

It includes a wide adjustable weighing platform and easily adaptable to the size of the pigs. The inside is bright, which helps the pigs to enter in the system easily. The pig performance test consists of two parts: a feeder with a weighing unit for the fodder and a weighing unit for the pigs. The separate construction of the feeder from the weighing unit avoids the pig movements and so to influence on the exact fodder weight. 

The pig performance test incorporates some scaling and flexible technology, a platform for the pig sector. It offers reliable information about the pig growth and fodder ingestion. Automated registration avoids human errors during the data registration process. 

Data security: the information registered about each visit is saved and processed, either in local or central terms. You choose how to manage the system: through a Smartphone, tablet or PC. You will be able to share the data gathered with determined partners of the chain supply too, as research centers, veterinarians, rearing organizations or fodder suppliers. 

Data are available on the internet through a safe HTTPS connection for you to decide who has access to this kind of information. The data registered are continuously being saved in a safe server, you will always have an information back – up available. 

  1. Feeding hopper
  2. Control unit
  3. Animal weighing module
  4. Feeder including a weighing module.
  5. Easily adjustable sidewalls.
  6. Visualization of the current animal weight.
  7. Visualization of the current foodstuff weight. 

Simple farming genetic optimization

The sow performance test shows the individual performance indicators of each pig in a very precise way. 

Thanks to the Animal Individual Electronic Identification System (EID), it will be easy to identify those pigs with the best performance rate. 


Exact and reliable information about the animal; animal weight and fodder ingestion. 

The system processes the data according to the highest reliable degree possible. The pig performance test includes a fodder dosing system with a 98% precision index.  

The fodder weighing process has a precision of 99% and the weight registration a maximum deviation of 1 kilo. 

Ranking the pigs
Group Animal lifeNº FCR Feed intake (g/d) Growth (g/d) End weight (g/d) Days on system
1 1000 1.80 1.403 781 54.5 32
1 1002 1.83 1.657 906 60.0 32
1 1004 2.85 868 304 40.0 32
1 1006 2.00 1.469 734 59.5 32
1 1008 1.99 1.459 734 54.0 32
1 1010 1.99 1.457 734 61.5 32
1 1012 2.54 1.548 609 56.0 32
1 1014 1.89 1.402 742 54.8 32
1 1016 2.10 591 281 35.5 32
1 1018 2.52 1.061 421 50.5 32

Pruebas de rendimiento from EXAFAN S.A. on Vimeo.