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Fedding station for gestating sows

Efficient and intelligent solution to take care of the animals by means of an electronic individual identification device.

Fedding station for gestating sows

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The accommodation in group with individual feeding stations has been developed in order to meet the requirements by either the animals or people. The automation process plays a very important role regarding this aspect. The system enables working in a much more efficient way. The feeding station supplies food to the sow, so that you have time to assist those animals needing your help.   

  1. Available with a mechanical or pneumatic gate
  2. Available with a new feeder dosing valve.
  3. Available with a divider for each feeding station.
  4. Sows come out of the feeding station without going backwards.
  5. The double exit gate avoids the sows entering through the exit gate.
  6. Adjustable length and width to each kind of pig.
  7. Standard station that can work as a learning station (also for sows).
  8. Removing sidewall in 5 seconds, no use of tools, to access the station.
  9. Closed station through the upper part. 
  • Control

The control of the fodder supply is very important as fodder represents around 35% of the costs generating a rearing farm of sows. 

  • Improvement of the results

The power to manage this process has a direct and positive influence on the results obtained. 

  • Automation.

The system enables working in a more efficient way. The feeding station supplies food to the sows so that you have time to assist the animals needing your help. 

  • Investments.

The equipment of a farm with the Exafan individual feeding system does not require any major investment as it is the case for traditional facilities. Results verified.

  • Useful life

The Exafan materials used ensure a lasting and resistant product

  • Results

The difference regarding the number of piglets born alive and having weaned is shown on the example including the feeding supply. 

  • Better technical results

The research regarding different types of pig farms having already adopted the accommodation station system in groups for sows during the last years, show some remarkable better results: gestation sows under better conditions and with more piglets. 

  • Body condition

On top of it, fodder is the key tool regarding the animal body condition, as it is shown on the graph enclosed, the animal body condition is essential in order to achieve a higher performance level regarding the production of piglets.