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Color lights: when the poultry is bred in environmentally controlled buildings, the light is artificial with the purpose of controlling such light at our own will. Different research studies show that a diversity of light spectrums has an influence on the animal growth; therefore, green light stimulates the growth of the animal mainly at an early age, whereas the blue light stimulates the growth at the end of the animal breeding period. 

The different kinds of lightning offered by Exafan, has as main purpose to be able to favor the animal growth. At Exafan, we build farms without light inlets with the purpose of being able to control the light intensity inside the room. Therefore, with the different light programs available or by controlling the light intensity, we may promote the chick activity and stimulate the access periods to the fodder and water as well as the periods of inactivity in order to reduce the animal aggressiveness, its level of anxiety, or even unnecessary expenses in terms of power consumption. By doing this, we achieve heavier animals in the slaughterhouse and a better feeding conversion index, due to the power saving achieved because of a lower activity and higher quality of the channels of the animals as well as fewer injuries due to a more docile behavior.


Ref Sust Description
LAMPARA-BLANCA LU21WO White lamp of 11 watts 50 Hz
LAMPARA-AZUL LU21BO Blue lamps of 11 watts 50 Hz.
LAMPARA-VERDE LU21GO Green lamps of 11 watts 50 Hz.
LAMPARA-ROJA LU21RO Red lamps of 11 watts 50 Hz.