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Weighing system


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Exafan has launched the BPC on the market, mobile scale for individual or collective animal weight, either fattening, weaning or farrowing pigs.

Individual or collective

Mobile BPC scales used to individually or collectively weigh the animals as well as fattening, weaning and gestation pigs.

Thanks to its reduced dimension, as well as high reliability even shown with animals in motion, this new weighing system is essential when we wish to know the animal, piglet and fattening pig weight. 

  • Addition of animals, lots
  • The quantity of animals is included.
  • Average of animals or lots
  • Total weight, outlet through a printer or PC
  • Autonomous, internal battery. Totally autonomous thanks to its internal chargeable battery. No connection needed to the supply network up to 8 hours. 

A 1 m
B 0,65 m
C 1,75 m