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Feeding dispenser ad libitum for farrowing crates

Feeding dispenser ad libitum for farrowing crates

Feeding dispenser ad libitum for farrowing crates

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During the breastfeeding period, we must make the sows have a high dairy production level for weaning the piglets with a good weight, so that they lose little corporal weight, in such a way that the sows go into heat after the weaning period and if possible, a fertile heat with a high prolificacy degree in order to obtain many piglets during the following farrowing period. 

In order to reach all these goals, it is essential to achieve a high feed consumption level thanks to a good nutrition with very concentrated formulas in terms of nutrients and a correct management of the feeding process.  

Feeding frequency: 

The way we manage the feeding during the farrowing process (or breastfeeding) has an enormous impact on the reproduction itself as well as on the piglet weight during the weaning process, since if the fodder consumption decreases, there will be an excessive loss of corporal weight, the appearance of the animal in heat status will be postponed and the prolificacy degree will decrease, with the consequence of fewer animals born alive during the next farrowing period and subsequent great negative economic impact.  

At the same time of increasing the consumption of feed, there is a better dairy production level as well as a daily gain increase of the piglet during the weaning period.

Thanks to the new feeding hopperSAW-FD, the animal goes from eating twice a day, to do it several times a day; this makes the ingestion of feed easier and increases the consumption rate by 12%. The key concept is supplying the feed in small quantities and several times a day.

Feeder ad libitum for sows

  • Double feeding system: restricted and ad Libitum, which significantly increases the consumption of fodder during the farrowing period, without bearing in mind the farmer´s ability to dose.
  • Strong and resistant, made of high quality stainless steel, plate thickness 2 mm
  • It significantly increases the so necessary fodder consumption during the farrowing period if we wish to increase the production of milk.
  • The dispenser ensures some fresh feeding. 
  • The mechanism cannot be dismantled easily, which enables a good cleaning process as well as a correct operation.
  • The animal learns the mechanism operation very quickly thanks to its natural movement when rooting.



A B C Kg/l pc
550 320 200 12/19 1




SAW-FD from EXAFAN S.A. on Vimeo.