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Heat exchanger

Progresive Heat exchanger

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Progresive Heat exchanger

Another important aspect to consider in order to reach a high competitive level, is energetic efficiency; energy with the purpose of saving reducing the energetic cost and promoting economic and environmental sustainability while increasing and maximizing your profits.

The ICR is a progressive heat exchanger of calories with a perfect air diffusion thanks to its regulating deflector regarding the height and width. 

It includes a precise control of the air renewal from the beginning thanks to the progressive fan and recycling trap. 

The IRC 180 can get coupled to a dynamic fan since the time we have a state – of – the art generation device at 4.000 m3/h, the PRC 180 performance is superior to a tubular exchanger in 40%. 

  • An improvement in your environment (performance of 85%). 
  • A remarkable decrease of the gas consumption (till 28%). 
  • A considerable improvement in the bed quality.


Ref Subst Description
PRC-INTER-GRAN-COMP 34392 Progresive Heat exchanger PRC.Air flow of 500 m3/h a 6.000 m3/h. Two fans included
PRC-INTER-PEQ-COMP 34393 Heat exchanger IRC Air flow of 2.500 m3/h. Two fans included