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High pressure fogging system

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The perfect water micronization is the most important factor in a cooling system. This is fulfilled thanks to the exclusive design of our nozzle that guarantees long endurance for high pressure environments.

By means of the use of the well known vaporization system, EXAFAN has developed a range of high-pressure pumps (40 atmospheres, from 600 l / h up to 1.800 l / h); it is also possible to supply made to order facilities. As a complement, we own the nebulization nozzle with support and antidrip elements made of stainless steel with either copper or PVC tubes.


  • Cooling in poultry farms either fatteners or breeders.
  • Pig farms, gestation, farrowing and weaning.
  • Greenhouses.
  • Champignon.
Ref Subst Description
GP660-IE2 27010-IE2 Pressure unit of 660 L/H. Three - phase 2,0 CV IE2
GP900-IE2​ 27020-IE2 Pressure unit of 900 L/H.Three - phase 5,5 CV IE2
GP1260-IE2​ 27030-IE2 Pressure unit of 1260 L/H.Three - phase 5,5 CV IE2
GP1500-IE2​ 27035-IE2 Pressure unit of 1500 L/H. Three - phase 5,5CV IE2
GP1800-IE2​ 27040-IE2 Pressure unit of 1800 L/H. Three - phase 5,5 CV IE2
GP2400-IE2​ 27050-IE2 Pressure unit of 2400 L/H. Three - phase 5,5 CV IE2





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Low/ Medium pressure nozzle 

Stainless steel/ PVC with clamp to fit PVC pipe Ø 20 mm; 5 bars=6.9 lts/hrs

Complete nozzle set

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The Exafan high pressure line of sprayers produces a pulverization curtain obtaining a cooling environment through evaporation. Evaporative cooling is a simple but yet effective method, where water requires some calories to evaporate, it takes 600 calories from the environment for each gram of water added to the air. The environment will be fresher as long as there is more water evaporating.

High pressure nozzle made of stainless steel, with an anti – dripping support in order to be installed on the pipe made of copper, PVC or stainless steel. 

Nozzle; Angle 60º

Ref Susbt Description
CB 28010 Complete nozzle set of 0,75 gallons
CB-125GALONES 28011 Complete nozzle set of 1,25 gallons