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Fans control regulators


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The RGC climate controller is basic in terms of concepts and efficient in its operation since it combines effective and essential functions with unusual precision and simplicity handling.


INLETS Inside temperature 2
Outside temperature 1
Relative humidity 1
OUTPUT Analogical For peripherals 2
Digital For ventilation 5
Heating 1
Cooling 1
Alarm 1
VARIUS 5 ventilation steps
Bandwidth control
Control of minimums
Work with influences
Work with modulation
PC loop communication


We achieve optimal cooling thanks to tunnel ventilation and the air effect. In order to do so, we will turn on five different groups of exhaust fans placed in front of the farm and open the cooling air onlet in a proportional way according to the required fan air flow.



Cross section ventilation is done in two steps, the side air inlets will be opened at the same time regulated fan increase their speed and environmental temperature increase too.

Whenever the delivered flow by such fans is not enough the five group of exhaust fans will turn on. The air inlet will be able double and shape its operation by linking them to the two ventilation steps.



Combined ventilation works with minimum regulated ventilation fans and side air inlets, afterwards, we ventilate the five exhaust fan ventilation phases paced in front of the farm and close all the air inlets but the one concerning cooling, which will be opened according to the required exhaust fans air flow, tunnel is now running.