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Spiral drive units of 90

Drive unit of 1 CV 90 for poultry

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Thanks to the fodder transportation system by means of a spiral conveyor made by Exafan, either flour, pellets, or granules will arrive from the silo to the building in a safe way and with no lower quality. It is a flexible and direct transportation format for all kinds of fodder, either granule or flour, cereals and other materials. This automatic system enables us reducing the staff required thanks to its easy management, lower cost and perfect operation. Tubes are made of treated PVC in order to increase the resistance against wearing and UV rays.

  • Made of stainless steel for very flexible and high quality springs. 
  • Adaptable in a universal way for all kinds of building. 
  • For high transportation capacities. 
  • Easy and quick assembly. 
  • It keeps the granules intact. 
  • Easy adjustment thanks to the inspection belts of the control units and junction box.
Ref Subst Description
XPG-SAT-0006-POLL-T 50710 Three-Phase drive unit of 1 CV 90 for poultry
XPG-SAT-0006-POLL-M 50713 Monofasic drive unit of 1 CV 90 for poultry

Silo outlet unit 90

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Thanks to the wide variety of junction boxes, combined with the double or simple outlet cones, we may achieve facilities of up to 6 lines in one single silo.

Metres of S.A.T. of feed of 90

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Ø 55 Ø 75 Ø 90 mm 

A model for each requirement, different capacities available to adapt for each case. PVC with special additives in order to avoid its degradation.

Closed unloading T unit of 90 for poultry

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Easy access holes from the floor, hermetic to humidity and powder, with a closing and opening device as well as telescopic anti – fall mechanism so as to adjust the hopper capacity. Designed to make the transfer of fodder easier, made of highly resistant polypropylene.