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Sows hopper 1 hole

Hoppers for dry feeding with one hole, for fattening pigs and sows, made of high density propylene, with rivets and folded metal protections made of stainless steel, the first quality materials used by EXAFAN confer long durability and resistance.

Sow hopper

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Sow hopper 1 opening 

  • Stainless nipple available on both sides
  • Perfect downspout of the different kinds of fodder.
  • Easy access for the animal.
  • Integral construction made of high density polypropylene 
  • Reinforcements made of stainless steel.

Hopper with analyzed angles and curves allowing a perfect downspout of the different kinds of fodder. Regulation device of the fodder flow made of stainless steel, with up to eight regulation points with which we will be able to control the fodder quantity by decreasing the waste with higher precision. The larger dimension of the hopper hole, makes the animal head access easier. Possibility to have water on both sides. Easy to activate the mechanism in order to clean with one hand, (possibility to block by means of a cleaning rod), totally indestructible wearing area.   

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Nº animals 
 XPG-TOL-1B-MADR-DCH  52140  Sows  ---- Left  Dry    37 l* 1
 XPG-TOL-1B-MADR-IZQ  52150 Sows  ----   Right  Dry    37 l* 1
 XPG-TOL-1B-MADR-S/A  52160  Sows ----    ---- Dry    37 l* 1

* Approximate capacity