Reform of farms

Pig reforms

Reform of pig farms
Info: Regarding the municipalities of Viana and Sesma, EXAFAN implemented some very important reforms and enlargement of several farms within the pig sector. In Viana, EXAFAN reformed and enlarged a building of sows and in Sesma, the reconstruction of two buildings for pre – fattening pigs together with five fattening buildings.
Reference: refer to news over the reform


Poultry reforms

Reforms in farms on behalf of Exafan
Info: At Exafan, we are specialists in the construction of poultry farms, at this department, we strongly bet for the sector of reforming the farming buildings, implementation and rehabilitation. We integrally get in charge of the process, design and final execution, distribution and division of the space as well as all the required facilities (electricity, lightning, climate control, equipment, internal housing equipment, water and gas supply.)
Reference: refer to the news about the reform