Efficiency is the future,
the future is EXAFAN


  • World leading firm in the development of automated systems for the poultry sector.
  • It has a portfolio well exceeding 10.000 customers.
  • Thanks to our customers and staff effort, we have achieved that our products comply with the highest quality standard performance.
  • Combining the climate control, the feeding automation process among other factors, we manage to create the optimal conditions, either in terms of accommodating the animals or in terms of running the farm.
  • Thanks to our continuous effort in R & D, we achieve our main goals, animal welfare and success of your investments everyday.

Company and organization

  • Presence in more than 72 countries.
  • We have a young and dynamic as well as very competent commercial department, present all over the world, capable of providing consulting services and give the most convenient solution for each requirement .
  • We control all the manufacturing, production and logistic processes by remarkably increasing our efficiency .
  • Collection and registration of the data, we offer a total control of our clients´ farms as well as a reliable and safe decision – taking process.
  • A dimensioned stock guarantees a quick and efficient supply; a top selective process of the materials required ensures the maximum endurance and resistance.
International Expansion
Global Solution

Growth, development, internationalization

  • Our quality and innovation philosophy as well as commitment with our clients have crossed borders, our products are present in 72 countries from the five continents.
  • Almost 20 years ago, we began to expand to the international market. Our international presence has been progressively growing by means of subsidiaries and commercial and distribution agreements in different continents.
  • Nowadays, exports are mainly destined for the emergent countries of Northern Africa, Middle East, Asia and Russia
  • Our technological improvement is founded on solid collaboration agreements with different national technological centers, as for example the ITA or the AITP and the University of Illinois in the USA internationally speaking
Own production,
global solution

Global solution

  • We fuse the complete construction of a farm and the required equipment to breed the animals in the same concept .
  • We provide consulting services regarding any project in a continuous way from the beginning till its conclusion .
  • We understand any project requirements, wishes, and aspirations. We study each situation in an individual way, by rationalizing the process, we incorporate new products, new technologies and criteria of on the basis of energetic efficiency.
  • The fact of manufacturing most of the products we trade, make us tremendously competitive concerning other companies within the sector.
  • We offer integral systems and solutions, but always on the basis of the widest range of components in relationship with all of our clients .
  • Nowadays, EXAFAN has developed the capacity of offering the implementation of integral animal production projects. Projects including all the cycles requested by the client, from the fodder production point till the animal slaughterhouse. This is the line whereon EXAFAN tries to shape its future and through which it advances in a solid and firm way.
Post - sales services
Technical Department

Post – sales service, consulting and training

  • At EXAFAN, we always like to go with our clients hand in hand, providing consulting services before, during and even in some cases after the implementation of the works
  • We offer continuous training programs to manage the farm and all of its elements.
  • We understand that quality not only has to do with the features of the product but also with the assistance you may receive once the purchased made.
  • We offer the best SAT Post – Sales possible, formed by our own highly trained staff in terms of the installation, repair and maintenance of all the products.
  • Our Technical Service training program complies with the strict procedures included in the ISO; al our dealers are trained in our facilities.
  • We offer an international cover service either in terms of training or in terms of follow – up and repairs.
Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

  • The farming sector, is involved in a continuous development process because of the new regulation application, also because of the environmental protection as well as because of its own restructuration.
  • Providing the highest level of mechanization and automation to our farms remarkably increases our competitiveness.
  • We consider and study the climate control conditions in each region.
  • We consider and study the local particularities in the area.
  • We consider and study the environment inside the internal housing equipment according to the specie, age, and physiological conditions of the animals.
  • We study the cost – efficiency relationship of the investments in the elements and machines shaping the poultry facilities.