Technology and innovation
Exafan´s constant concern to offer a top quality service to our clients, has given as a result the most complete range of climate controllers for the management, and control of parameters in the farming facilities.

Such development has favored the appearance of a new series of computers with large TOUCHSCREEN displays, which leads us to a new comprehension and interaction management experience with each other.

Farms "turnkey project"

Exafan proposes a Global Solution, linking in the same concept the required notion of design and farm construction in order to breed the animals, by offering continuous consulting services.

- Consulting, construction and equipment

Our facilities provide the maximum climate comfort possible allowing us to achieve the desired production level as well as comfortable environment for the staff to develop their work .

- Constructive features

The equipment that Exafan installs in its buildings complies with the highest demanding quality standards. We know how to perfectly match the following factors: facilities, equipment, genetics, and staff.

- Equipment

We offer an integral project management service. Civil works and facilities, hiring of builders and installers, works management, safety and health. And at the end, the processing of the required permits and start – up itself.

- Services